Brian McDermott has Grand Final ambition for Toronto

Brian McDermott admitted that his time away from the game made him realise that he still wants to be a coach, and is now aiming to win Grand Finals with Toronto. 

The former USA and Harlequins boss guided Leeds Rhinos to lift eight trophies in as many seasons, but was sacked in July following a rough spell.

McDermott admitted that he turned his phone off shortly after he parted ways with the Rhinos after falling out with the game.

He explained: “You go through that period when you think ‘I don’t really want to coach’ and I did that for 10 days.

“It’s like when the girlfriend finishes with you, you tell yourself she was never that pretty and you didn’t really like her.

“I turned my phone off. There were a few rumours and a few people told me I should make some phone calls but I went through a period when I didn’t want to listen.

“In reality, that enforced break made me realise I’m a rugby league coach. I’ve done some other bits and bats to keep me busy but it’s confirmed what I do for a living and what I’m really good at.

“If nobody had come in for me, I would have coached anybody at some stage because I’ve got to pay the bills, but I’m grateful that Toronto wanted me.”

McDermott, a former marine, revealed that the Wolfpack could have a massive impact on rugby league in the UK and is aiming to win a Grand Final with the Canadian club.

He added: “I’m really excited about coaching a club that could change rugby league in the UK.

“I don’t think I’m dropping down a division, I don’t see it like that. It’s something different. I might face more challenges than I’d get in Super League – the Championship is tough. To be in the competition every week will bring its own challenges, for sure.

“I’ve only been around them for a couple of days but a hungrier group of men I’ve not met. They are a group of men who are willing to run through a brick wall for me.

“They’re up for it. We want to be in Super League and, more than that, I think it’s credible that Toronto can go on and win the Grand Final. That’s what I’m here for. The aim is to make Toronto a global brand.”

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