Brian Carney feels Toronto Wolfpack have been prejudged

Sky Sports presenter Brian Carney feels that the Super League clubs have prejudged Toronto Wolfpack ahead of Friday’s board meeting on their future in the top flight.

The fate of the Canadian club could be determined by the end of the week as the Super League board – essentially the club owners – meet on Friday morning to make a decision to either reject their re-application outright or seek more information.

Carney said: “I think they’ve been prejudged already. I think the decision by the majority of clubs has already been made psychologically that they don’t want Toronto.

“Toronto came out with a charm offensive in recent weeks that had some people worried that they might win over public favour and that they might put pressure on clubs to win over Toronto. I think their fate has already been sealed and I don’t think Toronto will be admitted.

“To determine that there is no future for the Toronto club without having properly assessed the North American market is scandalous and it’s a dereliction of duty to the game, not just by Super League but by the governing body (RFL).”


Carney added that he believes Toronto Wolfpack will be “gone forever” if they aren’t accepted back into Super League next season.

He added: “It has been over four and a half years since the Toronto club were admitted, and we have not yet had a thorough assessment of the North American market and whether or not rugby league should go there, and if it does… have we put a strategic plan together? None of that has been done by either the RFL, the International Rugby League or the Super League – that’s a major problem.

“After 50 months, you haven’t assessed the market in which one of your club’s sits.

“Now you are going to judge that club and judge its future and if they vote against Toronto, in my opinion that is Toronto gone forever.”

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  1. Another one climbs from beneath a rock to allow Toronto to get off scot free ( sod off ) they walked out and must face some sort of punishment. I don’t care if it’s a new club , I don’t care how much money they bring to the game and I don’t care how many fans they bring with them . If there is no punishment handed out it’s a green for every club in every league to walk out the competition when things go wrong it just not on. And above all not fair to the likes of Bradford Widnes London featherstone Halifax who got. Bounced for going bust

    • Toronto should be treated as a special case. Every sport in North America was shut down to cry off just before the season was wrong I agree but with players on visas which were expiring they had little option. To abandon the North American experiment after four years would be a mistake which would do untold damage to the reputation of Super League and confine it in the minds of sports followers as a north of England sport. Last point don’t forget Sky Sports is now owned by a North American company who would obviously be interested in events in Toronto more so than any northern England sport.

      • Mate. Too many want it to stay small which is to say they would rather kill the game than see be an upstart make more progress than the status quo ever did.

  2. You must be Irish after all prejudged means before it happens . I’m judging on what they after they did it Walking out on two competitions and going bust . This should be treated like every other club whose gone bust and punished the same way . If they want to play in super league play under the same rules voted for by all clubs . No special treat if you can’t hack it get out the game

  3. I would of thought a man of your experience in the sport . Would of wanted a professional club in Ireland. After all the national side has grown in competitions and has done well in world cups and European championships. I don’t recall a Canadian side in the emerging nation World Cup .

  4. Alex you are very negative. They got no funding or any help at all. They struggled because of this and don’t tell me that this pandemic didn’t affect them. They had to pay the costs of the flights for away teams visiting to play them. They would have finished the season also only for this Covid pandemic. I bet they got as many fans to their championship games as your club. Who knows how many they would have got in Super League. Maybe it was only one man who let them down in Aryle but their loyal fans have been let down also. Kick them out and we have ruined the chance once and for all to develop the game in America. Let’s not be boring people Alex trying to keep the game in the UK. After all we are still getting to grips trying to beat the Aussies at our game. Would love to see you back in Super League Toronto. Good words Brian too.

    • You would think all the negative comments were coming from rugby union officials wishing to stop rugby league getting the edge on Thier game. Sadly, they may actually be rugby league destroyers who profess to love the game

  5. Toronto made the deal to pay for the visiting teams travel arrangements to play rugby league in a British league , poor administrative moved that . All clubs have been affected by this virus not just Toronto . No preferential treatment for Toronto and no bending the rules for Toronto . They went bust , they walked out , not pushed , chucked out or asked to leave . Because the. Board was substandard in its operating procedures. As for being negative I’ve played ‘this game from as far north as Lossiemouth ( Scotland)!and as far south as Plymouth ( england ) . I’ve played in New Zealand , falklands and in Kuwait I’ve represented Scotland at international level and I’ve had had to over. Come The rugby union bigots in the armed forces . So I’m sorry I don’t agree with your comments and excuses for Toronto to go unpunished for their actions . It’s a green light for every club. To walk out on the competition when times get tough . Points deduction or relegation is the only way to stop this happening again

    • 100% correct again how can you just let them back in next season? Otherwise its a green light for any struggeling team who may be looking at relegation to just state financial trouble but hey we will be ok next year IF you let us back in to super league. No its not on 100% make them start championship again.

  6. The RFL fucked Widnes for going bust because of O’Connor and light fingered rules . So if it’s good enough to punish a club that was a founding member of the sport it good enough for the new boys to the game

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