Brian Carney ‘disappointed’ at Toronto Wolfpack decision

Sky Sports presenter Brian Carney says he is disappointed at Super League clubs voting against allowing Toronto Wolfpack back into the competition for 2021.

The Canadian club failed in their bid to be re-admitted to the Super League in 2021. A meeting of the Super League board on Monday rejected their submission by a vote of 8-4 with one abstention.

Carney said: “My initial thoughts on hearing Toronto Wolfpack won’t be in Super League in 2021 was disappointment.

“There was two parts to my disappointment: one is that I’m disappointed for the club and two is that I’m disappointed for the game of rugby league.

“We’ve got rugby league, this game that we love, in the city of Toronto where up to 10,000 people go to the games on a regular basis.

“My biggest gripe with this is that you are asking 11 clubs to vote on the future of the game in Toronto. It shouldn’t have really come down to 11 clubs – I know the RFL got a vote and the Super League executive board got a vote – but there should have been so many other bodies involved in this decision making.

“If you want Toronto to succeed, you’ve got to go with them and you’ve got to bring everybody who loves the game of rugby league with you and I don’t think that happened.”

The Super League board will meet today (Tuesday) to review the structure on how to end 2020 campaign and whether another team will be brought into Super League for next season.

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  1. It’s a shame, but the funding would appear to be too tenuous, if a full commitment had been made, a non returnable deposit as it were to guarantee future payments, and to meet existing debt, then maybe they should have returned, but I can understand the unwillingness of those who voted against their return. I’m sure the RFL and Super League will now cone together to make a complete dog’s breakfast of what happens next. They can’t just appoint a club to the Super League, but neither is it practicable to state a playoff tournament. I’m sure whatever they come up with will anger many and satisfy nobody.

  2. Ridiculous decision to reject Toronto. The time has come for Leeds St Helens and Catalan to leave SL and join the RFL Championship. Put Ottawa and Newcastle straight in as well. Make it clear to New York and the Hull clubs that they are welcome to join. Then move on to a TV deal and a bright future. Leave the other SL clubs to keep playing each other in front of no fans and run the game into the ground.

  3. What a load of rubbish Toronto failed because of a poor club owner ,made a bad deal with super league and the RFL to join super league, poorly run and went bust with little or no common sense , or with little or no idea how to run a professional rugby club as a business. . Even my springer spaniel has th IQ to make a decision now and again such as should I pee against the wall , tree or fence .

    • At least your consistent though with little real knowledge o& the potential for the game in North America. No disrespect to teams like Castleford, Wakefield or Huddersfield but small market teams are not the future. No chance of a decent TV contract. Can’t understand why the Super League doesn’t get it! Really puts a huge question mark around the word Super?

      • Super League was always about running the game into the ground. Luckily in Australia we woke up to the fact. RU is the benefactor.

  4. Your right I have no knowledge of the game in North America , but I played in the Scotland side that beat America in the emerging nations World Cup in 1995 at the football ground in Northampton , I also have experience in developing the game in the British armed forces and I helped develop the game in the southern conference . I have also been running my own business for 8 years without going bust like Toronto have , so you really should find out about people before you come on here . So I haven’t done bum deals like the Toronto did with super league and every team I’ve been involved with are still running. So take a closer look at Toronto their deals their finances and their management then come back on here with something intelligent to say , by the way my company can show a increase in profits since year one .

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