Bradford update situation

Bradford Bulls chairman Marc Green says he will not consider sending the club into administration.

According to reports, Bradford players have not been paid in the past few days.

Green has released a statement this afternoon: “Bradford Bulls Chairman Marc Green today brought all full-time staff together to update them on the current situation regarding the financial stability of the club.
“He started off by apologising to all staff and reassured them that they will be paid by the end of play on Friday 5th August, including all part-time staff.
“Marc explained he has recently experienced the toughest personal and professional period of his life, which had put his and the club’s financial position under pressure.
“Marc strongly reaffirmed the position that he has not looked for and will not consider sending the club into administration, despite the many rumours circulating social media.
“At this time, he is exploring the many commercial options available to the club and is confident he will secure its short and long term future.
“He is currently working on strategies to improve every element of the business including the performance department, which will include working with current managers to reinforce the foundations built over the last few years and take the club forward.
“He wanted to reassure supporters he has the club’s best interest at heart and is looking forward to the final run of games.”

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