Bradford expelled from the RFL

The RFL board has terminated the Bradford Bulls’ membership of the RFL.

The RFL said in a statement: “The RFL is in discussion with the appointed administrators about their plans for the future of the club. The RFL Board will consider any proposals put forward by the administrators to secure the future of the club and membership (and the conditions of any Membership) of the RFL is then entirely at the discretion of the Board.

“As part of exercising its discretion, the RFL Board would assess any individual proposed be involved in the ownership or management of the club to ensure that they are a fit and proper person.

“In addition, as part of the conditions of any Membership, the RFL Board would then determine the appropriate sporting sanction, which could include a points deduction or possible relegation.

“This is clearly a distressing time for supporters, players and employees of Bradford Bulls. We will aim to keep them updated of any progress as and when we can.”

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