Bradford Bulls need to forget glory days – they also played on a Hemel park

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Former Bradford Bulls boss John Kear believes the club is in better health than when he joined, insisting “no club has a divine right to be at the elite level”.

Kear is the new boss at Widnes after leaving Bradford in April, and has been discussing his time in charge of the fallen Super League giants on the latest Love Rugby League Podcast

“It was really difficult at Bradford, a tougher task than I expected,” the 67-year old admitted.

“I don’t think the club or the fans really accepted where we were when we went there at first.

“We were in League 1 and the thing that brought it home to me was playing Hemel Hempstead and it was virtually in front of a temporary stand and a park pitch. You thought this is the depths we have to attempt to crawl out of and go as far as we possible can. 

“We got out of League 1 and established ourselves in the Championship. I know for a fact that they are in a better place now than they were.”


John Kear believes Bradford Bulls are heading in right direction

Kear admits to being frustrated at the lack of finances available at cash-strapped Bradford. But the Wales national boss is confident that with patience and perspective the Bulls can continue moving forwards. 

”There are constraints and the revenue at Bradford is not as high as it was,” Kear said. “The central funding is not as high as it was and you have to cut your cloth accordingly. That is what everyone has to accept. 

“It is going to be tough for Bradford over the coming couple of years but it is in a better place than it was. 

“People seem to allude to being World Club champions in 2005. Yes, but you were playing on a park pitch in Hemel Hempstead in 2017 as well. So let’s put things in perspective. 

“It’s a great club with some great fans. On and off the pitch it is in a better situation than it was those four and a half years ago when I went in there.

“Nobody and no club has a divine right to be at the elite level, you must earn it.”

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