Brad Singleton calls on Super League clubs not to give up on Toronto Wolfpack

Former Toronto forward Brad Singleton believes Super League should not give up on the Canadian outfit as clubs prepare to vote on its future.

The former Leeds prop, who followed Rhinos coach Brian McDermott to the Wolfpack last November, was among a host of players left high and dry when owner David Argyle pulled the plug on the club in July.

Singleton has managed to secure his own future in Super League and, on the day he was unveiled as a Wigan player, he implored the other 11 clubs to do the same for Toronto.

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Singleton said: “Argyle was the person at fault and, with him out of the picture, I think Toronto deserve a crack.

“I think with Mac at the helm, they’ll go well. They are putting things in place now so I don’t think they’ll get it wrong next time.

“In general, if rugby league aren’t expanding, what are they doing?

“For the last 20 or 30 years, we have all just sat there moaning but you’ve got here a proven side in one of the world’s biggest cities getting 10,000 crowds.

“It’s across the Atlantic and, if you make it there… the signs are there that are promising.”


Singleton, who has a wife and two children, is among the players owed four months of wages and admits he made the move to Wigan to secure a future for his family after going through some dark days.

He added: “At the end of lockdown I had just come back from a knee operation – so I had no club, no income and my leg in a brace.

“I could sit there and say how bad life is but that doesn’t help anyone. So you get yourself out of the brace and be as positive as possible.”

Singleton had agreed a three-year deal with Wigan starting next season but, after moving over to the area, the club agreed to sign him for the rest of the season, although coach Adrian Lam says he will have to fight for his place in the team.

Lam said: “Brad will get a couple of weeks to get up to speed and we’ll see where we go but he may not play this year. There are no guarantees and he’s aware of that.”

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  1. Dear god have you got anything to say to help save Toronto from punishment for going bust with either a point deduction or relegation. Because everybody else seem to be having their turn on the sibject

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