Boost for Halifax Super League bid

Halifax have a received a huge boost to their Super League bid, with Calderdale council securing funds for further development of the Shay.

A fee of £120,000 has been secured to undertake maintenance and improvements on items such as the stadium’s PA System, Fencing and Perimeter fencing.
The news comes as a huge boost to Halifax – who won their opening Northern Rail Cup game at Swinton – and their bid for Super League, with a decision due to be made on March 31st.
Chairman Michael Steele said: “The funding has come at an ideal time. The council has been very supportive in recent times and we are thrilled to see a continued improvement being made. The stadium is already one of the best at our level and would be up there with the best in Super League. These improvements will increase the capacity a little bit, as well as making the whole match day experience even more enjoyable.”
“We can only concentrate on our own bid, but it does seem that recently we have been making all the right noises. We believe our bid is very strong and we feel we have earned our right to join the elite league. We will keep going and trying our best in the next few weeks, but the final decision will be that of the RFL.”

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