Bombers bid due shortly

Leaders behind a bid to launch a second NRL club in Brisbane say they are within days of finalising a proposal.

If successful, the Brisbane Bombers could enter the NRL in as soon as 2013 although it remains unclear when expansion of the competition will be sanctioned.

Under the bid the Bombers would share Suncorp Stadium with the Brisbane Broncos as a home venue, which bid leaders say will give fans a chance to watch live matches each week.

However the Bombers would be based out of a redeveloped Albion Park, currently a Greyhound track.

Bid leaders are confident there is demand for a second team in the city as well as the financial support and have promised $1million annually for youth development.

“Naturally there are a number of key factors we can cover within our Bid Documentation at this stage, including a community engagement program, corporate and sponsorship strategy along with the grassroots development of Rugby League, but the Independent Commission maybe looking for something particular that we will need to tweak, which is why we’ve had a sliding business plan since day one,” said bid delegate Craig Davison.

The NRL‘s long-awaited independent commission, a body to run the sport made of club representatives which is due to be launched shortly, are likely to consider rival bids from Perth, Ipswich, NSW Central Coast, Central Queensland, Papua New Guinea and Wellington.

It is expected to be funded by cash from an increased TV rights deal due to be negotiated in the coming months.

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