Blair: Workington was an eye-opener

New Zealand forward Adam Blair says the Kiwis have moved on from their draw with Scotland, admitting the match at Workington Town was “an experience”.

Scotland upset the Kiwis 18-18 at Derwent Park last Friday, with New Zealand qualifying for the Four Nations final with one more point than England.

Following the game Kiwi coach David Kidwell questioned the suitability of Workington as a venue for the tournament.

Asked about Workington, Blair said: “To be honest it was an eye-opener, but most of us boys played growing up on fields like that and we’ve had changing rooms like that before.

“I guess at the same time it was a humbling experience, but for me it just took me back to when I was a kid and being able to play on those kind of grounds.

“We’re obviously really lucky now being NRL players being able to play on great fields, and you just see how growing up where it all began and how it all started to where you are now.

“It was an experience.”

Blair said New Zealand can’t blame the ground for their draw, which has now gone down in rugby league history.

“We knew that the field wasn’t going to be the best field but that was about it until we got there on the game day,” he admitted.

“But you can’t blame anything, you’ve got to deal with what you’ve got to deal with. We’re all professional athletes and we’ve got to turn up.”

The Kiwis meet the Kangaroos on Sunday in the final and Blair said his team is exctied for the chance to take on the Aussies again.

“Obviously we’ve been given an opportunity, a second chance I guess to play in the final,” the Brisbane Broncos star said.

“First and foremost we’re really excited to be able to be involved in it, we leave our families and its tough being away.

“So we’ve left our families behind for one reason to be here on Sunday to give us every opportunity to win that trophy.”

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