Billy Slater reveals extent of eye problems

Melbourne Storm full-back Billy Slater has spoken about the eye problems which have plagued him in recent seasons.

The Kangaroos star found his status as the NRL‘s top full-back under threat last season.

He underwent four operations on his eyes, including laser surgery, after having to wear contacts during games.

“I’d been wearing contacts, just in games for three quarters of last season,” he told The Australian.

“So I had laser eye surgery so hopefully now I won’t have to wear contacts.

“It was quite disrupting going in just before warm-ups and putting contacts in and one would be blurry and the other would be good.

“It was just something I had the opportunity to and I needed to have done.”

The 31-year-old is now hopeful that the issues are sorted, and that he will show improved form once the season gets underway.

“You don’t really know if you have 20-20 vision unless you go to the optometrist,” he added.

“It was just things like you watch telly and the score in the bottom corner, sixes and eights were confusing.

“The optometrist said I had a condition that laser eye surgery could fix.

“Whether it affected my football or not, I’m not too sure.

“I don’t think it did, but catching high balls you need to have pretty good eye sight so it was good to fix it up.”

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