Betts ready for tough ask at Cas

Widnes coach Denis Betts is preparing his team for a tough trip to Castleford on Thursday evening.

Cas won 30-22 away at Huddersfield last time out, while the Vikings lost 30-10 at Hull FC.

Betts is well aware that the Tigers are in much better form currently than his own team.

“They’re on form. The last month has been really good for them. We know the challenge,” he said.

“We know it’s tough ask to go there and get a resut. But we know that we’ve got it in us to click in and go there with some confidence and play, and stay focused on the task.”

Despite the defeat at Hull looking convincing, Betts felt that the final scoreline did not reflect the true pattern of the game.

“There was a period of about five to 10 minutes where the score blew out because of a lack of focus and a drop in intensity from us,” he said.

“If we’re second or third in the table and we go to Hull, and Hull have won eight games on the trot, then they could have done that to anybody. I think they have done over there.

“It’s really easy to reflect and say ‘if’ and ‘and’.

“We’re a side at the moment who have struggled to find some form over the last seven or eight weeks.

“We’ve been to the side to the top of the table and not lost for eight rounds.

“We went there with a plan and an understanding that we could get something out of it.

“We tidy up one or two sets, and don’t concede two sloppy tries, then the score is 14-10 or 14-6 and it’s not as big of a deal.

“It’s been made a big deal because they scored 30 points, but those 30 points aren’t a reflection of how we played.”

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