Betts hoping Widnes can keep rolling

Widnes boss Denis Betts says he’s looking forward to Sunday’s big derby game at Wigan.

The Vikings have won three of their last four Super League fixtures as they bid to move up the table and Betts is eager for his team to keep their momentum going.

“We enjoy going there – it’s a great stadium with a great atmosphere and you’re playing one of the best teams in the competition over the last four years,” he said.

“That’s always a big challenge and a nice thing to encounter – you want them to have their best team on the field as that’s what really drives you on.

“We’re not looking too far ahead of ourselves – what will be, will be. We’ve got to do the things that are right by us to get the victory.

“Wherever we end up in the table we just have to take that challenge on (The Qualifiers) and go after it.

“If we’ve got people on their feet and we’re running healthy we’ll be pretty confident.”

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