Betts highlights next few weeks as crucial for Widnes

Widnes coach Denis Betts believes that the next few weeks could define his team’s Super League season.

The battle for the top eight is heating up now, with several teams vying to force themselves into contention.

“These next two or three weeks are really important,” he said.

“You’ll get the same message from Hull FC and Hull KR.

“It’s a great game to be on TV, you’ve got two sides who know that, come the weekend, they can put one foot in the eight.

“I think we’re fighting for that seventh or eighth spot, we hope. Catalans are around that area now, and there’s other teams being dragged into it.

Hull KR are in the same situation, who we go to the week after.

“So to be on TV, and being the starting game of the round, is going to be great for TV because of how important it is to both of these teams.”

Betts also expects Hull to provide his team with a real test, especially in the pack.

“They’re a big strong set [of forwards] at the moment,” he added.

Liam Watts has been playing really well, Danny Houghton‘s been playing good.

“Getting Marc Sneyd and Gareth Ellis back into the side has also helped.

“The last three or four weeks, Leon Pryce has been playing particularly well. Sneyd came back from injury and helped him.

“The full-back, Jordan Rankin, has been performing particularly well.

“So they’ve got some key that are really helping them knit together.

“It’s going to be a physical battle.”

Meanwhile, Betts also felt that the Vikings had really benefitted from the effort that they put into marketing ahead of Magic Weekend.

“I really enjoyed the whole weekend,” he said.

“As a club, we’ve really bought into the concept over the last few months.

“Our marketing department, especially Brian O’Connor, developed the idea with the shirt, and getting involved with the Bobby Robson Foundation.

“We’ve got a real good connection with what’s going on in the Newcastle area.

“We bought into wholly, and were given our rewards from that.

“First, the amount of support we got, not only from our supporters, but from the Newcastle people that came to the Magic Weekend.

“And also because playing at St James’ Park is a very special thing to do.”

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