Betts hails Brough’s energy and creativity

Danny Brough has played over 22 games for Scotland

Widnes coach Denis Betts believes that Danny Brough is one of Super League‘s hardest working players.

The Vikings boss thinks that the Scotland skipper sets a real example with his work in defence and attack, after he played a key role in Huddersfield’s win over Widnes last weekend.

“He was a good player all game,” said Betts.

“He’s got lots of energy. He works hard. Defensively he’s a terrier, he’s always around the place causing problems with his defensive efforts.

“With his attack, he’s hard to put down. He can do things that a lot of other players can’t do, with his kicking game and his passing game.

“So you’ve always got to be aware, and when you start dropping that couple of inches down in your mind and your mentality, then it becomes tough for the team.”

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