Betts delighted with Whitehaven link

Widnes coach Denis Betts is very pleased that his club have forged a dual registration deal with Whitehaven for the 2015 campaign.

Paul Johnson and Grant Gore have already joined Haven on loan from the Vikings this season.

“The dual registration agreement with Whitehaven is a fantastic opportunity for us to link up with a club in Cumbria,” said Betts.

“We are doing lots of the work at the moment through the Cumbrian academy and our association with the Cumbrian academy, tying into Whitehaven.

“The partnership reignites old associations with James Coyle, Thomas Coyle and Dave Allen and is a really good fit for both clubs.

“We are looking to get players out into the game and playing regularly. They are looking for players that they want to use week in week out.

“Dual registration gives us an opportunity to find game time for a number of players that are on the edge of our squad and also gives Whitehaven the opportunity to access Super League quality players on a regular basis.

“The association is obviously a two-way street but the Whitehaven coaches will always have the final say on who they need and what they want. At the end of the day it is their team.

“We are really pleased about being linked with Whitehaven through our dual registration agreement.”

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