Bennett: We beat ourselves

Wayne Bennett says England must learn how to play under pressure and execute better after another loss to Australia.

England have been knocked out of the Four Nations after the 18-point loss to the Aussies today. It has been 21 years since England defeaed the Kangaroos, 10 years since Great Britain was successful.

Bennett said England competed strongly but their execution at key moments was poor.

“The halves weren’t the problem today,” he said.

“It’s our inability to continue and maintain pressure, and not executing well enough.

“It’s pretty important, let alone against the best team in the world. England are very capable of being a lot better than what they are right now.

“They’ve just got to clean up their act. They have to understand what beats them, it’s not the opposition.

Australia’s got such an advantage because of the Origin.

“We need to play more against Australia and the Kiwis. There’s only so much you can do in training.”

Bennett believes England need a change of attitude in they are to topple the Kangaroos.

“They’ve not shown how good they can be,” he said.

“More England players in the the NRL wont fix the problems.

“They’re insurmountable if they don’t have a change of attitude in that changing room… The onus is on them.

“Our problem is to learn to compete under pressure at this level.”

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