Bennett: Decision-making cost us

Wayne Bennett says England only need to fix its decision-making and make some small tweaks to topple the Kiwis and Australians.

England must defeat Scotland this Saturday to have any hope of reaching the Four Nations final.

Bennett said it was only certain decision-making that cost England against New Zealand on Saturday.

“There’s a lot of hype here about the NRL and stuff,” he told the Yorkshire Post.

Sam Burgess is a huge name in our game all over the world, as are guys like James Graham and Josh Hodgson.

“They learned their football in England – they didn’t learn it in Australia.

“They took all that ability over to Australia and there’s no difference between the skill level.

“The difference is the intensity of the competitions.

“We lost too many games by too few points in recent years, but it wasn’t about fitness that beat us over the weekend.

“It was just some decisions we made.”

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