Beaumont promises big signings for Leigh

Leigh chairman Derek Beaumont has indicated that his club will have a much stronger squad for the 2017 season, with at least four new faces coming in.

Beaumont has also hinted that one of those signings will be very big news indeed, with the Centurions intending to hit Super League with a real bang.

“What’s put us ahead of the eight ball is that we made a decision earlier in the year that we spend the full cap next year,” Beaumont told Sky Sports.

“Whether we were in Super League or we weren’t in Super League. You’ve got to make brave decisions.

“We’re already ahead of that game. We’ve got four players who we haven’t announced yet.

“I think you’ll find one of them is a very big signing. We’re waiting to see what happens with that.”

But the Centurions will also be strengthening their entire club infrastructure, not just the playing staff.

“But it’s not just about adding people on the field,” Beaumont explained.

“There’ll be more players becoming available when we know who gets relegated.

“But it’s adding to the strength and conditioning team. It’s buying equipment for the gym.

“Statistics and analysis – all that kind of video work that we’re doing.

“So we’re building a club outside of the playing structure as well.”

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