Beaumont: Grading imposed on Acton was “inappropriate”

Leigh owner Derek Beaumont says the severity of Jamie Acton’s disciplinary charge was “inappropriate” after the club’s appeal against a nine match ban failed.

Acton was initially the suspension by an independent RFL disciplinary tribunal after being found guilty of a Grade F ‘other contrary behaviour charge’ arising from the recent Super League game against Catalan.

After the punishment was challenged by the Centurions, an independent tribunal dismissed the appeal and instead decided to increase Acton’s ban to four months, backdated to 1st July.

“Whilst Jamie’s actions are completely unacceptable in our game and cannot be defended in any way, I do not feel that the grading imposed was appropriate,” said Beaumont.

“We consulted a barrister familiar with these situations who also strongly believed that the grading was inappropriate.

“There were two cases that we viewed to support this one and we believed the nine match ban was excessive. We therefore exercised our right to appeal, again on the barrister’s advice. He was happy to attend on a cost-free basis should there not be a reduction.

“The risk of an increased ban was considered but with Jamie only available for the last regular game of the 8s it was considered a risk worth taking.

“People can make their own mind up and we have to accept the decision now for what it is and I would like to thank all those people offering their messages of support.

“Jamie is under no illusions of the consequences of his actions. He has worked hard on his discipline, in particular the fighting and retaliation aspect, which he has completely eradicated from his game.

“I am therefore satisfied that he will learn from this and we will work with him to eradicate the stupid and potentially dangerous aspects of his game so he can reach his potential of representing his country in the near future.”

Acton added: “I am sorry to let everyone down. I accept full responsibility for my actions and they weren’t acceptable regardless of the grading I’ve been given. It is what it is.

“I will continue to work hard and improve on the negative areas of my game and support the team as best I can off the field for the rest of the season and whilst I’m part of the club.

“Thank you to everyone that is supporting us and backing the team, please turn up in numbers to support the lads for the rest of the season as it makes a massive difference.”

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  1. Acton,s actions were indefensible and punishment deserved. But the number of games Catalans players roll about with so called injuries beggars belief. Even in same game player tried to intimate he was crusher tackled. Rugby league is a mans game and some Catalans players need to man up and stop acting like prima donna footballers

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