Beaumont compares himself to UFC fighter McGregor

Leigh Centurions head of rugby Derek Beaumont has compared himself to UFC fighter Conor McGregor.

Beaumont has made this claim following his recent column with the Leigh Observer where he stated that Leigh could go through the regular season unbeaten. 

After this comment being discussed and criticised by fans and media during the week, Beaumont has defended what he said, and believes the squad the Centurions have assembled gives him the reason to come out with claims such as that one. 

“My column last week saw me get some stick for suggesting we won’t be beaten in the 23 rounds,” Beaumont wrote in The Leigh Observer

“That isn’t disrespecting other clubs and whilst it isn’t a goal or a necessity and there are no prizes for doing so, it is in my opinion just the by-product of a Super League quality side, playing every game to win as I believe every single rugby team goes out to do.

“I expect coaches to play things down and take pressure off themselves but that isn’t my style.”

Beaumont has then said that despite being ridiculed following making the unbeaten comment, he likened himself to Conor McGregor in the fact that his words will be backed up by actions. 

“I am cut more from the cloth of the Conor McGregor-type, who says it as he sees it then goes out and backs it up.

“I believe I have got a team and coaching staff to back my words up but will have no problem whatsoever if it doesn’t happen.

“The pressure is on Super League as that is what we are hell bent on achieving.”

Beaumont also said that the Bradford Bulls have an “infatuation” with Leigh.

“I was amused by an article over the Pennines from Robbie Hunter-Paul, also quoting Steve Ferres the managing director of the Bulls,” he wrote.

“The article seemed to be all about Leigh and I just hope that their infatuation with Leigh doesn’t blinker them from challenges from other quarters in what will be a very strong league.

“I also hope that Steve Ferres doesn’t do their salary cap reconciliation if he thinks three is half of 13! We have allegedly signed half of the Salford team, who mustn’t have fit in there!

“For the record we signed Harrison Hansen and Cory Paterson, who were both contracted and ASKED for a release, and Rangi Chase who was dismissed and chased by numerous clubs.

“On the other hand Bradford signed two players we did release in Kurt Haggerty and Jonny Walker. I don’t expect us to be liked by the competition but it is always helpful when people get things in the right context and I am pleased that they are happy with what they have got, as I certainly am.”

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