Beaumont calls for clubs to get together to improve refereeing

Leigh owner Derek Beaumont has followed up his outburst about referees with a considered statement stating that clubs should work together to help improve standards of officiating.

Beaumont hijacked the Centurions’ post-match press conference following the 38-0 defeat to Castleford on Monday to blast the inconsistency and general standard of officiating.

Though he received a mixed response, including plenty of support for his comments, it clearly indicated that a solution needed to be explored.

In a further statement, Beaumont said: “My opinions aren’t to protect Leigh Centurions as I am well aware they will probably have the opposite effect, publicly criticising referees, but I love rugby league deeply and have invested a lot of time and money into it and will continue to do so.

“To that end I have spoken out and given the responses out there I have said what a lot of people are thinking.

“I therefore believe the next move is for the club owners to get together or even the coaches and rather than piling a load of hassle at the door of the RFL to professionally document with substance the issues we believe exist, along with some potential solutions, so that together in unity we can ensure the heartbeat of the game gets stronger and louder, reaching a wider audience.”

Beaumont also referenced the State of Origin game Down Under this week as an example of a game allowed to go on with minimal influence from referees “only getting involved when it gets really out of hand rather than at every minor detail”.

He also identified the sheer number of decisions and interpretations that officials must deal with play-by-play.

Far from being the first club owner or coach to criticise officials, it presents another challenge to the RFL’s refereeing department, which is already under scrutiny following the departure of several officials in the last 12 months.


  1. I am a wigan fan I think you are right l have been saying this for years. When you try to contact the league they don’t want to know they are wearing blinkers all the time and if you want my support you’ve got it I’m not frightened to open my mouth

  2. Well, Derek is absolutely right. We spend our hard earned cash to watch rugby,not the ref.The RFL are making the game more complicated than what it should be. They have destroyed the ptb around the ruck. Like Derek has said,It’s a joke shop.

  3. If mr Beaumont thinks he can do any better than an official maybe he should give it a go himself and ref an amateur game , then he will find out how hard a job these guys in the middle have

    • Paul, I don’t think for one minute that Derek could do a better job ,and vice versa.The standard of officiating has fallen,and something needs to be done to improve it. If anything,The RFL are making the game more complicated. Imagine someone who takes an interest in the game and needs to understand the rules, and sees constant penalties for minor infringements, then the same infringement ignored. No wonder we can’t populate the game.

  4. It’s all swings and roundabouts, decisions equal themselves out over a season and I never heard him speak up when they where winning , maybe he needs to look at his own team and admit that they are not good enough and stop blaming the ref

  5. Paul,You’ve totally missed the whole point,read it again,this is nothing to do with Leigh. Whether Leigh are good enough or not, is irrelevant. BTW – Iv’e never ever heard anyone complain when they win………..Have you?

  6. Well done Mr Beaumont, for the last couple of seasons the standard of our referees has dropped alarmingly. The inconsistency in their decisions made each match is starting to harm our great game. Simple things like the length of time someone can lie on in a tackle, moving off the spot before playing the ball, get penalised for moving 6 inches, get away with 1 metre or more. One team can give a dozen penalties away before the team warning is given, then the opposition can give away 4 penalties and have someone sin binned. You can go on and on, but, it’s not all the refs fault, players and coaches have to take their fair share of criticism too. They push every boundary possible to try and get as much advantage as possible, which is adding to a refs work load in each match. In the past, each team used to work with a ref in the off season to see what is ok and what is not, and still in the following seasons matches they overstep the mark again and again, so what is the ref supposed to do.

  7. I have been a rugby league supporter for 66 years and like some other spectators I think the standards of referees are a joke.At the start of the season the RFL were going to stamp down on various aspects of our game but as usual things have got worse ie.offside standing square,and players piling on top of a tackled player,flop it was called that rule has gone out the window.I feel so strongly I have not renewed my season ticket for the last 2 years as I was sick of referees deciding the results of games by bad views.So what we have is a circus, the clown in the middle 2 jokers on the sides and a muppet in a box with his brownie making bad pictures, as a result, he gets it wrong.And to add insult to injury sky have the worse ever walk on a field giving his comments, what a joke.By the way, I’m a Saints supporter any comments would be welcome.

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