Beaumont attacks Rowley

Leigh owner Derek Beaumont has savaged Paul Rowley and accused the former Centurions coach of trying to illegally tap up Leigh players.

Rowley sensationally quit the club on the eve of the 2016 Championship season.

Writing in his Leigh Observer column, Beaumont said he believes Rowley left the Centurions to take over as coach of a new Canadian team.

“Today I learned that perhaps the real reason Paul left his post was to take an appointment as the coach of the Canadian team that will enter Championship One next year,” he said.

“Now this hasn’t been formally stated so at this stage is purely my speculation. However speculation with some pretty solid substance – given the man with morals has approached at least one senior player and one member of coaching staff to join him as a member of his team.

“There are rumoured to be a number of players contacted but after confirmation from one senior player and coach and another informing they had at this stage merely been invited for a catch up.

“But we’re aware of what was going on I decided I need not dig further as I have sufficient information to formally complain to the RFL for approaches to contracted 
parties ahead of the May deadline.

“Clearly not the first involvement Canada would have been looking for with the RFL.

“I understand the process of appointing a coach early for recruitment and identifying targets but to use your position as a former boss to attract players and staff away from a club that has treated you very very well goes against everything I stand for, and I have no shame in making that known here – it has saddened me so much that he would do that.

“Paul was onto everything in regarding players being approached and would have been onto the RFL like a shot, and he deserves to be treated how he would expect others to be treated.

“Paul approached me about coaching Canada’s national team two years ago and I declined his request, also turning down Neil Jukes’ similar request. Paul also put them in contact with me with a view to them buying Leigh Centurions.

“I did think it strange as I said at the time why Paul would just walk out of a job, but my mind is more settled now and circumstances are now much clearer given this was obviously on the table for him. Had he asked me to be released from his contract to take the opportunity we could have worked it out but what I cannot and will not accept is him attempting to attract my players away from the club.

“This is also disrespectful to Neil Jukes, whom has not only been honourable and loyal to Paul during his reign had also become close friends.”

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