Beattie: Concentration lapses cost us

Bradford interim head coach Leigh Beattie believes lapses in concentration contributed to his team’s second half collapse against Featherstone on Sunday.

The Bulls led 12-10 at the break, but Rovers roared back to secure a 36-12 victory and leave Beattie’s team rooted to the foot of the Championship.

“It was a massive improvement from last week, although I thought that there were far too many errors again,” he told the club’s official website.

“We let in three soft tries towards the back end of the game, but it was certainly an in improvement from last week.

“The late tries took the gloss of the performance – we lost concentration coming into the final twenty minutes, although I thought that we had a really good dig at one of the top teams in the Championship.

“I thought that we matched Featherstone for most parts of the game. They are a big physical side and I thought we did well against them until we began to drop off at the end.

“I know there has been a lot of stick towards the club and the players from people, which is understandable, but players don’t turn up to lose games, the effort is there but sometimes you over try.

“We over try in training, things go wrong and heads go down, you lose confidence. I know it is something that fans are tired of hearing, but we just have to focus on these faults in training.

“Consistency is something that we are going to focus on in training this week again – we were well in the game at half-time but we let it slip away from us.

“Silly slips in concentration at crucial times is what keeps on costing us these two points.”

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