Batley players apologise

Batley’s squad has apologised and forfeited some of their match payment to supporters because of their 76-16 mauling at the hands of London on Sunday.

Batley have released this statement on their website:

“Immediately after the game, the players who had just suffered the humiliating defeat at London wanted to apologise to the supporters, in particular who had travelled all the way to support them in London and had been let down. They all agreed to forfeit some of their match payment as a gesture to those supporters to try to say sorry.

“A coach went from the Woodman and the Supporters Club ran a Battle Bus as well as others travelling independently.

“The Club have thought about how to utilise the money given by players for the benefit of supporters. We have two away games left but we think many supporters will make their own way to Headingley. So the players’ donation will be used to pay for a Battle Bus and a Woodman Bus to Leigh where all those who went to the London game either on those buses or by car can travel free on those buses.

“The Supporters Club and Woodman will announce arrangements shortly regarding booking and any cost for supporters who want to travel but did not go to London. This must be a unique gesture from any players to pay for supporters travel to a game after a poor performance but we hope that it will not happen again!!”

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