Basics of rugby betting

Rugby is one of the sports activities that are not as widespread as the others.

In fact, football, basketball, tennis, and many other sports can be found in all parts of the world. But it’s doubtful that you will find a lot of people playing rugby in the African and Asian countries.

Because of this, people from those countries do not have enough information on rugby betting. They may desire to bet on rugby matches and win money but they cannot do it if they do not have the necessary rugby league betting tips online on their palms.

Match betting

This is one of the simplest bets to place on a rugby match, just as it is in all other sports. This is a simple bet on a team to win the match in the end. If the team you picked here wins the match, you win. But if the team loses, you lose the bet.

Handicap bet

This is another bet that many people are conversant with. This may be because it is also available in football and basketball. But it is a bit more complicated than a handicap bet in other games.

Handicap betting in rugby means working on a handicap point assigned to a team. The bet is determined by adding or subtracting the points total from the main score at the end of the game. With this, the handicap score is calculated.

Win margin

This is a bet that many people understand easily. But it is one of the most difficult to predict bets or markets. However, this is where the money lies. It is a simple bet on the margin a team will win by. You can choose a team to win by a margin of 1 to 5 points and if that team wins by 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 points, you win the bet.

Tryscorer bets

This is a bet on the player to score the first try in the match. It could also be the player to score try at any time or even the team or position to score the first try.

Other types of bets include the total points, team to score, and half-time and full-time bets.

Betting tactics to adopt

There are lots and lots of opportunities in rugby betting and there are ways to win bets in this sport.

  • You have to make sure that you are not betting on something you don’t understand. That is to say that you should be up to speed with trends and events in the competition you choose. Some competitions have rules that do not apply in national games. So, you have to know these. An example is the bonus point for scoring four tries in a single game to encourage more attacking rugby.
  • You should work more on the handicaps. This is because of the benefits provided by the one-sided games. This game does not value goals excessively like football because there are more chances of scoring goals.
  • Make sure you study the current form of the teams and their history too. You cannot place a winning bet if you do not know the results previously churned out by the teams in recent games. There are teams that have not lost a game at home to a particular team for many years no matter how in-form the visiting team was. You have to check the head-to-head results of teams before making any bets.
  • You should also know playing tactics of each team, or simply know the type of rugby played by each team before you bet.

It is never wise to start betting without checking types of bets available as well as the basic tactics to adopt for each sport. Here, we provided some basics of rugby betting so you can start planning your strategy now.

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