Barrow confirm Jamie Dallimore departure

Jamie Dallimore in action for Barrow

Barrow have confirmed the departure of Jamie Dallimore due to work and family commitments.

Dallimore, 33, has been with the Raiders since 2016 and has been a key figure in Paul Crarey’s side. He was also nominated for League 1’s Player of the Year at the conclusion of the 2021 season.

However, due to work and family commitments, including the birth of his newborn son, Lincoln, Dallimore has decided to leave the club.

He had originally re-signed for the 2022 Championship season earlier in November.

He said: “It was a decision that was always going to be hard.

“I’ve been honest with the club. The club were good to me and gave me time to adapt, but it hasn’t worked out. I believe I’m doing what’s right for me and the club.

“The travel was massive. I don’t have set hours in work, I get done when I’m done which can be any time. I’ve also recently had a newborn and my partner hasn’t worked much. I spoke to Paul (Crarey) and the club and I notified the club as early as I could.”

“I’d have loved nothing more to play alongside Jarrod Sammut”

Dallimore continued: “I told them to cancel my contract until we could resolve it as I didn’t want to take money as I couldn’t commit to training. It’s best for both parties and not fair on the squad that’s going into a big season. They’ve left the door open to return if I can, but for now this is the best decision for everyone.

“With work and my family, I can’t fit it all in, especially at my age, and it’s not fair. I’d like to thank the club, fans, players and staff. They have all looked after me.

“It’s definitely not a case of sour grapes, I’d have loved nothing more to play alongside Jarrod Sammut, Gary Wheeler, Jake Carter and Ryan Johnston. I was willing to fight for a place as there is a lot of good, healthy competition. But I didn’t want to take money from the club as I wouldn’t be able to make training.”

Jamie Dallimore leaves as a League 1 winner following Barrow’s successful 2021 campaign

He continued: “The club tried to keep me there, but it didn’t sit right to not be training, be paid and possibly take someone’s shirt. It’s best for all parties to leave. I’ll still be up and around the club when I can and get up with family.

“I leave the club as a League 1 winner and leave on a high and in the fairest way. I’ll still support the club in whatever way I can in my next chapter. I’m going to let it sink in, enjoy Christmas and see what 2022 brings.”

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