Barrow coach sceptical about Challenge Cup format

Barrow Raiders coach Paul Crarey has expressed doubts about the new structure of the Challenge Cup.

Crarey believes a more traditional format would be better  then the new system.

The Raiders are in the fourth round draw for the competition, which takes place this evening.

They join 11 other winners from the weekend’s ties, as well as the 12 Championship clubs.

Four low ranked Super League teams join the draw in the fifth round, with the rest of the Super League clubs entering in the sixth.

“It can be a real drain on a club to get that far where they can play a Super League club now,” Crarey told the North West Evening Mail.

“Where is the game going? Once over, you might get an amateur side drawn against a Super League side, but not now.

“If you want amateur sides in it, let them have the chance to play the big boys and give the Championship One sides the same chance too. It’s big revenue for them.

“We should have it open. We should have shocks. We should have minnows against big clubs – that’s what it is all about. It’s not about segregating the games.

“If a Super League club can win it now by winning just four games, what’s the point?”

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