He has also named two players on standby, Simon Kilby (Skirlaugh) and Matty Myers (Shaw Cross Sharks) should any of the seventeen man squad break down with injuries before the game. Head Coach Chris Middlehurst had some hard decisions to make before reaching his seventeen man squad and realises that it is a big challenge for the side but believes they are up to the task ahead,“It was a hard decision to select the seventeen man squad for the opening First Test against the South Africa Rhinos especially after the opening win of the tour on Wednesday evening when we defeated the Sables X111 94-6. Every one of the twenty players that played in that game stood up to be counted and I also had a full twenty six man squad to pick from.“But that is a coach’s job and I am sure there will be some disappointed players but this is a twenty six man squad and together with the management on tour we all go into this game together. It’s a big challenge and it’s crucial that our pack dominate from the start so that the backs can go forward and I am confident that the side I chosen will go out on Saturday and do the country proud. I have named two players on standby a back and a forward should anyone break down with injuries before the game.“This is what this tour is all about winning the Test Series and I am sure everyone back home is behind us to achieve that feat.” The seventeen man squad: 1. Craig Holmes (Thornhill Trojans), 2. Danny Smith (Shaw Cross Sharks), 3. Tim Sutcliffe (West Bowling), 4. Matty Danville (Skirlaugh), 5. Chris Lee (West Hull), 6. John McMullen (Wigan St Judes), 7. Kevin Brown (Eastmoor Dragons), 8. Scott Woodcock (Thornhill Trojans), 9. Paul Brown (Castleford Panthers), 10. Kevin Thompson, (Saddleworth Rangers),  11. Jimmy Rogers (Saddleworth Rangers), 12. Richard Owen (Wigan St Pats), 13. Anthony Broadhead (Capt), (Thornhill Trojans). Substitutes: 14. Ryan Robb (Kells), 15. Andy Dobson (Blackbrook), 16. Trevor Penrose (Skirlaugh), 17. Gary Lumb (Cutsyke).  Steve ManningBARLA  Media Manager  &  PRO     


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