Bailey backs extra ref calls

Wigan back-rower Phil Bailey has backed the idea of introducing a second referee in Super League, replicating the NRL model.

Bailey, whose brother Chris plays in the NRL, made the comments in his blog on the official Wigan website,, following calls by Hull coach Richard Agar for additional referees in Super League.

Bailey said: “He (Chris) says they’ve just become used to having two whistle blowers now. He says it speeds up the game and makes sure the rules are better enforced all round, the end product being a more open game of RL. Having listened to him I reckon it’d be a good idea to bring it in over here if we can get enough top officials together.”

Agar made his comments after Hull’s 48-24 defeat at the hands of Bailey’s Wigan on Friday, where he felt that Wigan got away with spoiling tactics, such as slowing the game down at the play the ball.

Agar said: “Wigan are very good at it but, if this is the way we want our game to go, we might have to be looking to follow the NRL and get two referees in because it’s difficult.

“You are finding the home fans booing the away team on anything that’s a second over – and it’s the same at our place. It seems to becoming a focus for everybody, fans included.

“We’ve just got to be careful that we don’t drive the fans away.”

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