Australian forward Jason Clark feels privileged to play in Super League

Jason Clark is one of Warrington’s new recruits ahead of this season and the former South Sydney man signed a two-year deal with the Super League side.

Clark told “It’s a privilege to say that I’m playing in Super League now and something that I’m proud of.

“As soon as I was coming over here people were saying ‘oh you must be getting great money’ and it wasn’t about the money at all, it was about the opportunity to keep playing and to be able to say that I’ve played in Super League.”

With a number of NRL players making the move to play in the UK in 2019, the Australian gave an insight into his new life: “The biggest thing that everyone says is the heat. Back home it’s probably about 40 to 45 degrees.

“My very first day here I remember my nose, my hands, my fingers and everything were just frozen, but you get used to it, you adapt. From the start of the week I’ve tried to take a piece of clothing off each day to try to get ready for the game.

“It’s been a big move, I’ve got a wife and three young daughters so it wasn’t an easy move but it’s one that I’m glad I did. My dad travelled with us in November to give us a hand so that made life a lot easier.”

The 29-year-old was born in Sydney and has played in Sydney from junior level through to his final season at the Rabbitohs. However, Clark was told that his services would no longer be needed from 2019 onwards.

He played alongside his now Warrington teammate Bryson Goodwin during their time at South Sydney and says he has been key to helping him settle in: “I’ve been so lucky to have Bryson. He’s saved me and shown me everything to do.

“He picks me up for training every morning so I’m so grateful for that and his wife and his kids have helped my wife and my kids. Bryson’s brother-in-law, Joel Reddy, who I actually played with, came over for Christmas as well so it was good to see a familiar face at Christmas time.”

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