Australia players agree to take pay cut for Tonga Test

Drew Darbyshire

Australia players have agreed to take a significant pay-cut to make sure their one-off Test against Tonga is given the green light.

The Kangaroos have agreed in principle to the big pay cut in which they will sacrifice $15,000 of their usual $20,000 match payments for Tests.

The Mate Ma’a will likely receive the same payment, which is expected to be just shy of £5,000 per player.

Rugby League Players Association boss Ian Prendergast has confirmed the sacrifice by Australia’s playing squad, who want to see the international game grow.

Prendergast told “The players have agreed in principle to this match and they understand the interest in it.

“They’re supportive of the international game and waiving they’re rights to the match payment that they’d otherwise receive for a Test match of this nature – they need to be commended for that.

“We’re still working through those details but it may be that the Australians receive a very small match payment, the same as the Tongan boys and that’s something that they’re willing to accept on a one-off basis to get this game across the line.”

Auckland’s Mt Smart Stadium is expected to host the clash, which will see the two nations meet for the first time at international level.