Austin wary over England choice

Canberra playmaker Blake Austin says he won’t put his hand to play for England if it offends fans and teammates.

Sydney-born and raised Austin has been linked with making himself available for England.

“I qualify by the rules but, you know, I wouldn’t want to offend anyone,” Austin told the RFL website.

“It would have to be something that they seek out and you cross your bridges if they do.

“Like I said, I wouldn’t want to offend anyone. If the powers-that-be think it’s not even plausible, then we’d never have to cross those bridges anyway.

“Nothing’s happened. I was asked by someone if I qualify and by the rules I do qualify. That’s all it is. It’s someone writing a story.”

Austin’s Raiders teammate, England international Elliot Whitehead, has backed the stand-off playing for England.

“I think he’s got a bit of English in him and if he gets that call, he deserves that call,” he said.



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