Aston seeking stadium assurances from Sheffield council

Sheffield Eagles coach Mark Aston has expressed frustration at the lack of alacrity shown by Sheffield City Council, when it comes to ensuring that the team have a stadium in place for next season.

Eagles are currently playing their home games at Belle Vue in Wakefield, which is just the latest of a long series of venues that the enforced nomads have been compelled to use in recent seasons.

The club have a sponsor in place who can secure their long term future at a stadium currently being built on the site of the old Don Valley Stadium in Sheffield.

But the sponsor needs assurances that land near the stadium will be availlable for him to build a green energy bunsiness, something which is absolutely key to his further involvement.

Little progress seems to have been made, and Aston wants assurances from Sheffield City Council that the process is moving forwards.

“We are still waiting for the council to come back to us about the green energy site” Aston said, according to the Sheffield Star, “It is dragging out a little. I have asked for another meeting and am waiting for a response. The last thing we want is a second investor walking away. That is a priority.”

Eagles need the investment to provide the funding to move into their prospective new home at the Olympic Legacy Park.

Whilst work continues in the lower Don Valley, the Eagles know that even if they do secure the money required, they face a race against time to build the facility for 2018 with no prospect of staying in their current residence beyond this season.

“It is okay having a piece of land being built that we can play rugby on, but we can’t play there unless there is a stadium” Aston said.

“Next year the RFL are putting pressure on us to get back into Sheffield, because what is for sure is that they won’t allow us to play in Wakefield again.

“If we can get the green light then I am sure we can get a large percentage of the prospective facility ready for next year, but we still need the go ahead.”

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