Aston considering signing reinforcement for Sheffield

Sheffield Eagles coach Mark Aston has hinted that he is considering bringing in a new player to reinforce his squad as the business end of the season draws nearer.

The Eagles beat Workington 26-6 at the weekend, and remain strong contenders for a Middle Eight spot, but Aston wants to see better from his team.

“It is about individuals standing up, and I’ve learned something about a couple of players,” Aston told the Sheffield Star.

“I need some stability and coolness in there. We looked clueless at times out there and that has got to be down to my decision-makers and the people who manage the game for me.

“We need to dust ourselves down now. I need to pick the team correctly.

“There will be a couple out next week, Sam Smeaton and Cory (Aston) will be suspended, so there will have to be a reshuffle and maybe we go and have a look out there and bring someone in.”

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