Any publicity is good publicity

John Kear thinks it is a vehicle of dreams.

Mark Aston thinks it is a complete waste of time.

Eamonn McManus wasn’t as poetic as Kear, but he also backs it.

Championship One clubs fear they will be cut adrift because of it, and Marwan Koukash, well, he won’t shut up about it!

I am of course talking about the word on everyone’s lips – ‘restructure’.

Whether the restructure works out or not remains to be seen, and in the countless arguments for and against, there have been many valid points raised.

Coaches like Francis Cummins remember the previous days of promotion and relegation, and fear that promoted teams will be mostly made up of players from relegated sides. A lot of players on the other hand are excited by the prospect of being able to progress, and climb the ladder with lower league clubs.

Like I said, everyone has an opinion.

Personally I know a lot of rugby league fans, and also a lot of people who do not follow the sport. Recently though I have had a lot of these ‘non-fans’ asking me this: what is going on in rugby league?

The answer I give varies day-by-day but one thing is for certain, the restructure is giving the sport a lot of publicity, and as the old saying goes – ‘any publicity is good publicity’.

Ultimately one of the main aims of the restructure is to gain more publicity, and get rugby league noticed more. At the moment, as the 2014 season begins, that is definitely the case.

That is not me saying I’m pro-restructure though! I’m sat firmly on the fence…

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