Angry Anderson wants Giant improvement

Huddersfield coach Paul Anderson was not a happy man following his team’s victory over Wakefield on Sunday.

Although his team won the home game 34 – 24, Anderson was left fuming by his players’ perceived softness and basic lack of quality.

“I’m not mincing my words – it was poor, but it’s a win,” Anderson told his club’s official website.

“Wakefield came to play and they had a dig and good luck to them in the challenges they’ve got ahead.

“If we want to be serious contenders then I think we’ve got to be a million times better than that. We made the four which is our thing now, but we want a Grand Final and that can’t happen again.

“That was complacent from us. Everything we did was soft.

“Wakefield had a say in what happened but some of the things that we did today were not ‘Giants-like’.

“Is that down to ability, what we’ve done through the week or is that just down to attitude?

“It’s only the first or second time I’ve questioned our attitude, we’ve been very good all year. To concede 20-odd points against anyone is poor, from our point of view it’s not good enough.”

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