Anderson thinks Giants can learn from Rhinos defeat

Huddersfield coach Paul Anderson is refusing to be too downcast following his team’s 28-24 defeat at Leeds on Thursday night.

Although the Giants lost, Anderson believes that there were many positives to be taken from the performance.

“I thought our effort and resilience was very good from the hole we put ourselves in,” he told his club’s official website.

“From 18-0, there was a decision to be made and we made a decision to dig in, show some character and resilience and stay patient.

“We finally got the tide to turn and we started getting some field position. We’re a good football team and we score points. To come here and score 24 points should win us the game; we took some big strides today.

“We had one or two little errors and inconsistencies from us, but we can learn from it and I’m pretty confident we’re starting to rock and roll a little bit now.

“We talked about anything on the floor, we have to throw our bodies on the grenade and I thought we did that.

“We stayed patient and came up with some field position. I thought we were a little bit better in yardage when that initial 15-20 minute period had finished; we just started rolling forward.”

Anderson also felt that there were some good individual performances from some members of his team.

“I thought Kyle Wood was good when he came on at 9, Bruno contributed, and I thought Ukuma Ta’ai’s second spell was very good. I thought Mullally and Eorl contributed too; everybody did,” he added.

“We’re going in the right direction. We know we’ve got to stick believing in ourselves and keep showing that character – that’s got to be the key for us.”

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