Anderson fined by RFL

Huddersfield head coach Anderson has been fined £500 and warned as to his future conduct following comments he made after the Super League game against Wigan Warriors.

Anderson accused referee Joe Cobb of succumbing to pressure from Wigan in their Thursday night clash.

“I’d like an explanation of what changed the official’s mind at half-time to  want to referee the game differently,” Anderson said after the game.

“I know there was a request at half-time for the ruck to be sped up, hence I think it was a 7-1 penalty count against us in the second half when both teams were as scruffy as each other and two sin-binnings on the back of that.

“I know what will happen, I’ll get a fine and they’ll say every decision was right. What’s happened there is the official’s succumbed to pressure.”

The RFL found Anderson to have breached Operational Rule D1.1 (b) Improper Conduct (engages in conduct which is prejudicial to the interests of the Game or which is improper) and Operational Rule C2.11 Criticism of Official (make any public statement written which contains criticism of the character of a Match Official or criticism of the manner in which a Match Official has officiated at a Match).

£250 of the fine will be suspended until the end of the 2017 season and will become payable should he be convicted of a similar breach of the Operational Rules. Anderson has 14 days in which to submit an appeal.

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