Anderson enjoying time away from coaching

Exiles coach Daniel Anderson has been enjoying his time away from coaching by becoming a broadcaster.

Anderson last coached in the NRL at Parramatta after leaving St Helens in 2008. Since departing from Parramatta in 2010, he has been providing commentary and analysis for ABC Grandstand in Australia.

It is a job Anderson enjoys very much.

He said: “It’s good fun and relatively stress less, if you want to say so. I talk about the game, go home and go to bed.

“It’s an easier job than coaching, it doesn’t get the rewards, but you get a much more comfortable lifestyle.”

Anderson has not ruled out going back into coaching at club level, but says he will not be rushed into another club.

He said: “I’m with the Samoan team in the Rugby League World Cup next year, and I’m with the Exiles now, so I’m dipping my toe back in it.

“I have done ten years of coaching, so if I get a club offer I’ll consider it. If I don’t, then I’ll say I’ve had a good time.”

Former Exiles coach Brian McLennan was appointed head coach of the New Zealand Warriors after defeating England in last year’s International Origin fixture.

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