Anderson confirms ‘winner’ Rapira had offers from elsewhere

Huddersfield coach Paul Anderson is pleased that Sam Rapira is joining his club in 2016.

Anderson feels that Rapira’s proven track record as a winner will help his side.

“He has played at the very highest level throughout his career and to choose us to spend time with in the UK is great testament to what we have built up over the years here,” said Anderson.

“And a clear message of where we want the club to be. Sam is a winner and a tough competitor who will enjoy the conditions here after he has finished his outstanding NRL career.”

Anderson also revealed that Rapira had turned down offers from elsewhere to link up with the Giants.

“He had options here and in Australia so we are delighted he has joined our club in the face of a lot of other possibilities,” the coach added.

“He is an out and out prop forward and someone who we will look to for the simple but effective and necessary role in getting the side moving forwards and making our middle unit a tough spot to run into.”

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