And the league continues

So being a Widnes fan I’ve had my mind focused on the Super League this week, but in a different way. Being stuck in a hotel in Belfast for work I managed to get the staff in the rather posh bar in recepetion to put Sky sports news on and nudge the volume up so I could hear the announcement over the nice ambient background music in the bar. This was ok until the announcement was made and “We are Super League” was chanted loudly enough to distract the people who were trying to do a video conference under the TV, stupid place to sit to do a video conference anyway. I thankfully refrained from jumping up and singing and managed a dignified “yes” and under the table fist pump.

As I said on Twitter this morning I remember watching Widnes win against Cas about 8 years ago to avoid relegation and I still think that is the way Super League places should be decided, but I am happy to see us back in Super League after such a long absence. Also to the people who say it was fixed and Halifax should have gotten in due to their better on the field record, I doubt there is a Widnes fan who wouldn’t have preferred to go up with a grand final victory but sadly that isn’t the way Super League status is decided.

I then realised that I had other things to do with Super League this week and I completely hadn’t written anything for this weeks post. Well being stuck in a posh hotel that charges for internet usage I’ve just about cobbled together enough coppers to buy time to upload my predictions for this weekends games, oh and also time to point out that I managed a much more respectable score last week with  4 out of 7, much better than previous. If you fancy embarrassing me stick your tips in the comments, you don’t have to include the scores, don’t want to give away all your tipping competition advantage.

Hull FC 18 – 22 Castleford – I think this’ll be a close one,  both teams will be confident they can come away with the points. I’m gonna edge Cas though after their crushing defeat of Crusaders last weekend.

Leeds 12 – 18 Wigan – Wigan took an upset against Warrington last week at the DW, a game they would have expected to win. Still I think they’ve been putting in better performances than Leeds on the pitch and I reckon a second home defeat in a row for Leeds may not be far away.

St Helens 20 – 12 Hull KR – Are Saints back no track? Hard to tell but I’m not sure if Eastmond will make a re-appearance and given the recent performances of Lomax they may not miss him again. KR are a team under pressure and I things may not be getting better soon.

Salford 8 – 16 Crusaders – I don’t think I’ve tipped a Salford win so far this season and even returning triumphant from the South of France I’ve decided not to yet. Crusaders are without Michael Witt and it could be a big miss but I’ll tip them for an upset against Salford. In the fact the more I try to justify this the less it seems I’m right, I’m sticking with my first prediction anyway as I can’t be bothered to go and change them.

Huddersfield 30 – 12 Wakefield – Huddersfield are going well and playing strongly, even when  the influential Brough has a quiet game they do well and with him leading from the front they were able to put 38 on Hull KR last week. Too much for Wakefield I think as they Huddersfield press for a play off place.

Warrington 42 – 16 Catalans – Who’d bet against Warrington at the moment? All the talk is of them realising their grand final ambitions and whilst it may all be premature and early in the season they are still the team of the moment. A bad trip out for Catalan I expect.

Bradford 22 – 10 Harlequins – Has the Quins bubble burst? Getting beaten at home to Hull was certainly something no one would have guessed at a few weeks ago. I think this outcome will likely depend on which Bradford team turn up but I’d reckon at home the fans would be hoping for a decent performance, enough to overcome a rocked Harlequins.


I’ll also point out I’ve removed Ben Westwood from my Fantasy League team, which means he is most likely in for his best week ever! I’ll back with a better look at the weeks going s on next week, but in the meantime I always welcome your suggestions for look-a-likes, funny videos, or anything unusual and rugby league to, I’ll give you a mention of course!


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