Adrian Lam making no excuses for Wigan’s defeat to Hull KR

Wigan coach Adrian Lam made no excuses for his side’s 34-18 defeat to Hull KR on Thursday.

Lam rung the changes following a short turnaround and admitted the new players failed to make the most of their chances.

Lam said: “I’m really disappointed. We brought in seven or eight different players to rotate the squad and there is always a danger when you do that.

“I thought it would bring energy and enthusiasm but it worked in reverse really, we looked flat.

“We let easy tries in, it wasn’t Wigan. Players had an opportunity to put their best foot forward.

“We had a lot of experience there. There were still good enough players, everyone has been training since return from lockdown.

“It’s a tough one, I can’t really believe we played that way, I can’t get my head around where it went wrong.

“We’ll have an honest meeting tomorrow to address it.”


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  1. Dear Mr Lam

    Your opposition also rotated their team with similar numbers, some of them enforced by injuries.They also had a shorter turnaround that your team too.

    Perhaps the problem with your team is that they too have a similar lack of respect for their opposition and subsequently got caught out as much as you seem to have been when it turned out the opposition could actually play a bit.

    Best Regards

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