Adrian Lam: Fans will see a different Wigan against Warrington

Adrian Lam thinks Wigan supporters will see a big mindset change in their players when they face Warrington in the Challenge Cup.

The Warriors take on the Wolves in the sixth round of the Challenge Cup at the Halliwell Jones Stadium on Sunday afternoon, 2:15pm kick-off.

Wigan lost 25-12 to Warrington in Super League back in March and currently sit 10 points behind their rivals in the table, but Lam thinks his side’s attitude is the strongest it’s been while he’s been in charge.

He said: “I think fans will see a different team this week, we are in a different place with our mindsets and our attitude.

“Warrington are one of the benchmarks in the competition at the moment and it’s a massive challenge for us but these are the games we look forward to and we will perform better than last time.

“We’ve got to match them with aggression and make sure our attitude is great. We need to be prepared to play for each other because Warrington are a great side, they have been for a couple of years now.

“To beat the likes of St Helens and Warrington, you’ve got to have your best team playing your best rugby so that’s the challenge for us this week. The boys are up for it, they always are, regardless of who’s been picked, so they’ve definitely stepped up this year.”

Lam is set to welcome back front-rower Tony Clubb and centre Dan Sarginson for their trip to neighbours Warrington.

The Wigan boss added: “We are never going to have our best team out there this year.

“[Dom] Manfredi and [Tom] Davies are out for the year, [Liam] Farrell is out for another five weeks but we do have Tony Clubb and Dan Sarginson in the picture this week.

“[Sean] O’Loughlin has been 50-50 over the last couple of weeks but he has played and has been handy for us. [Joe] Burgess is back again and will play this week.”

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