Adrian Jackson – Super League Correspondent

Name: Adrian Jackson

Age: 36

Where are you from?:

Who do you support?: That's a good one, as i try to remain un-bias at all times, but if pinned down i would say Widnes.

Favourite player past/present?: My all time favourite player from the past Mal Meninga, from the present Sean Long

1st Rugby League game?: It was in the season of 1974 Widnes v Wigan at Naughton Park.

How did you find Last Tackle?: As i was surfing the various RL websites.

What made you become a writer on the site?: I've been involved with rugby league for over 30 year's and i'm still as excited about the game now as i was then, and thought this would be a great oppotunity too become involved with a new and exciting website and spread the gospel worldwide.

Your personal aims for the site?: Once again spread the gospel to as many part's of the world by keeping the site upto date with all the latest new's from the world of rugby league in a way that will keep Rugby League fans wanting to keep logging on.

Your Future ambitions?: At the moment i'm still learning the ropes when it comes to sport's journalism, but hopefully from the experience i pick up it will lead to a career in journalism in either written or broadcast sport's journalism. 

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