A Rugby League Introduction


Hello and welcome to my brand new column here on Last Tackle. My name is Steve Price, I'm 19 years old, and I’m from Camberwell in South East London.

Now I'll be honest writing is not my strong point but this column isn't about me giving you a serious in depth article about Rugby League and I shall tell you why. I'm a massive Football fan, support Liverpool FC and Football is pretty much my life, so what do I know about Rugby League? Well, very little. I could tell you some basic rules and that’s about it.

So why am I doing a column on a Rugby League site you might ask. Well, my aim is to try to get in to and follow Rugby League this season and then I was asked by Last Tackle’s owner, James Gordon, to do a weekly column, basically documenting my progress and telling you exactly what I've learnt and try and bring to you an idea of what it’s like for a die hard Football fan trying to become a Rugby League follower, to perhaps inspire similar people out there.

It's not going to be easy but my aim is too watch a minimum of one Super League game per week on TV and then hopefully I’ll be able to pick things up from each match. I may even ask a few questions in these columns and I’m hoping some of you readers will be able to help me out by perhaps emailing me answers t any questions I may ask). It would also be great if you could give me some feedback, suggestions, comments etc on the column via the email address below, which would be greatly appreciated.

My aim is for this time next season to have a decent knowledge of the game, probably through television coverage and the support of Rugby League fans. This column will no doubt give me an incentive to watch games week in week out.

I didn’t make the best start, missing Sunday's Super League opener, but I promise from
now on I will make more of an effort to actually watch the games! Who knows I might even find a team to support! If you have any suggestions as to who I should support, then also drop me an email. Will be interesting to see the reasoning behind the suggestions!

I look forward to hopefully hearing some comments and suggestions from you, the email address is below if you wish to send any.

I also need a name for my new column – so if you have any quirky ideas, drop me an email!


Steve Price

Steve’s next column will coincide with our brand new Rugby League tutorial, written by Justin Ryan, This will cover the basics of the game, but also many more complex aspects of the sport and the rulebook.