A Live Experience

Hello and welcome to the 3rd edition of my introduction to Rugby League column here on Last Tackle.

Now since my last column I’ve taken what I felt was quite a big step in learning the game, attending my first live Rugby League match! It was at Acacia Halls in Dartford for the match between Kent Ravens & London Griffins, both teams incidentally are partners of Last Tackle.

It was a lovely sunny Saturday afternoon and we were treated to a pretty exciting encounter with the Ravens running out 44-24 winners.

Even though the crowd was pretty small there was a good little atmosphere, this was probably helped by the show both sides put on which was excellent. I was actually surprised how good the game is when you're watching it up close. It gave me a better idea of how teams line up and how well they create passages of play, there's a lot more skill involved than a lot of people think.

Another thing which was great about being there was the tackling, they look hard on TV some of these tackles but when you're there you can almost feel them!

Overall I really enjoyed it, I'll definitely be trying to get to another Ravens game at some point. I think now I’d actually call myself a Kent Ravens fan! (I guess when you know the chairman of a club you kind of have to be!).

So I’m not sure when my next experience of attending a Ravens game will be but I’m already looking forward to it. I’m also hoping to get along to the Lasttackle.com Challenge match in May between South London Storm and South Humber Rabbitohs!

That’s about all I think. I’ve still not read the Last Tackle rugby league beginners guide yet but I’m hoping to get round to it when I have a bit more time. So hope you've enjoyed it this week, any feedback is welcome via the email address below or on the forums!

Steve Price

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