5 possible contenders for the St Helens coach job

Keiron Cunningham has been relieved of his duties as St Helens head coach. It’s one of the top jobs in the game, so where will they look next? We take a look at five possible contenders.

Steve McNamara

Could the former England coach be in line for a return to Super League? Currently assistant at New Zealand Warriors, McNamara was heavily linked with the Hull KR job last season. He has been plying his trade Down Under for a few years with assistant jobs at Sydney Roosters and the Warriors, and the time could be right for him to go it alone. It may not be a popular appointment, not least because of his record with England, but also because of his below average stint at Bradford.

Justin Morgan

Another man connected to New Zealand Warriors who may be on Saints radar is ex-Hull KR coach Justin Morgan. The Australian former Wales international was with the Robins for seven years, leading them to Super League and establishing them in the top flight. He too has gained vast experience in the NRL as an assistant, namely with Canberra, Melbourne and the Warriors. With top jobs hard to come by in the NRL, he may be tempted to return to Super League in one of its biggest jobs.

Paul Anderson

Former St Helens prop Paul Anderson is available having parted company with Huddersfield last season. He is currently involved with the RFL and the England set-up, and brought silverware to the Giants as League Leaders. His time at the Giants petered out a little, but the way they have failed to pick up since his departure may suggest that there was more to it than his coaching credentials.

Jason Taylor

Recently sacked by Wests Tigers in the NRL, the former Souths and Parramatta chief might be one to consider for Saints, should they decide to go Down Under for their next appointment. Keiron Cunningham was only the second British coach to lead Saints in Super League, and the club enjoyed its best years under Ian Millward and Daniel Anderson, before being followed by Mick Potter, Royce Simmons and Nathan Brown. A lack of quality candidates on these shores may force Saints to go overseas once again, having tried and failed to promote from within.

Daryl Powell

An unlikely one, but it would be rude not to link the best coach in the business at the moment with the job at Saints. The way he’s got Castleford playing has got many fans purring, not least the Saints fans who have perhaps looked on enviously at the Tigers style of play reminding them of their great teams of the last decade. Regardless of a big money offer, Powell may feel that he can quite happily achieve what he wants by leading Castleford to silverware – something that you wouldn’t bet against given their start to the season.

Who else should Saints be looking at? Let us know in the comments below.


    • Don’t be such a fool!!
      Denis is a good coach who is just struggling with a major injury list.
      Who would replace him at Widnes then??

      Would you like to strengthen Saints at the expense of weakening Widnes?
      What kind of supporter does that??

  1. Would love Powell, wanted him 2yrs ago. But not McNamara, please God no. Mal Meninga for me. If Bennett can be part time for England and full time at Broncos then same rule should apply for Big Mal. If not then Jason Taylor or Daniel Anderson !

  2. Geoff toovey great coach already here with work permit, will put spark back in to saints.then get Paul Anderson in as 2nd and defence coach.

  3. Lots not on that pretty poor list
    Only Morgan of those I’d consider

    Geoff Toovey
    David Fairleigh
    Richard Marshall
    Jason Demitrou
    Sean Long

    My first choice would be Morgan

  4. There are really good reasons why you don’t want Justin Morgan, fear of litigation holds my tongue, hearsay from those involved doesn’t warrant further ecpkanation.

    I’d look at Chris Chester, still feel he was treated shabbily by Hull KR and he’s achieved a lot with the Wakefield squad.

  5. Please do not consider Mc Banana.He and the likes of Kear are only fit to be assistant coaches,and not very good ones at that.Why not try Wello and Long together,on trial.

  6. Long and wello lol you seerusley can not be a Saints fan with that as your coaches do you want to be fighting relagation I as a Wigan fan feel for Cunningham he took his dream job to early as a coach if you look at what s/w as done at Wigan he worked with the kids as youngsters and now they all play for him as seniors he all so was m/m assistant for two years

  7. A top club should get a top coach. Darryl Powell, big Mal, Tony Smith, Brian Mcdermott, with Sean Long and Paul Wellens as assistants. This is a fantastic opportunity to get the right men and bring the quality stylish rugby back to the Totaly Wicked Stadium. The crowd’s will come back if the team is coached the right way.

  8. If bobby Goulding is that good of a coach why is he not coaching today with a top club I tell you why cose he’s not got it as a coach he is not smart enough but if saints fans whant s/ long and wello then the fans are daffter than I thought

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