2016 Key Dates


Weekend of 4th-7th – First Utility Super League Round One

Weekend of 5th – 7th – Kingstone Press Championship Round One

Weekend of 19th-21st – World Club Series


Weekend of 6-7 – Round One of the Kingstone Press League 1

Weekend of 18th – 20th – Ladbrokes Challenge Cup Round Four (Championship Clubs enter)


Friday March 25 – Good Friday – Round Three of the Kingstone Press League 1

Weekend of 24th-28th – Easter Weekend

Weekend of 15th -17th – Ladbrokes Challenge Cup Round Five (teams 9th-12th in 2015 season enter)


Weekend of 5th –8th – Ladbrokes Challenge Cup Round Six (teams who finished 1st-8th in 2015 season enter)

Weekend of 21st – 22nd – Magic Weekend

Weekend of 28th – 29th – Summer Bash

Weekend of 28-29 – iPro Sport Cup final at Summer Bash, Blackpool


Weekend of 23rd – 26th – Ladbrokes Challenge Cup Quarter Finals


Weekend 9-10 – Round 15 – final round of regular season fixtures in Kingstone Press League 1

Weekend of 29th -31st – Ladbrokes Challenge Cup Semi Finals


Weekend of 3rd – 7th – Super 8s begin

27th – Ladbrokes Challenge Cup Final


Weekend of 1st-2nd – First Utility Super League Semi Final, Million Pound Game and Kingstone Press Championship Shield Finals


8th – First Utility Super League Grand Final

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