2015 Kingstone Press League 1 fixtures

A new name, a new structure, a new knockout tournament and the same trailblazing reputation for expanded horizons will be common themes for Kingstone Press League 1 when Rugby League’s most geographically diverse competition kicks off on the weekend of February 28, 2015.

The 14 League 1 clubs, including newcomers Coventry Bears, will battle it out for two promotion places to the Kingstone Press Championship next summer, as well as competing in a new League Cup competition alongside two teams from the National Conference League.

RFL Chief Operating Officer Ralph Rimmer said: “League 1 has firmly established itself as an exciting competition that pushes the sport’s boundaries, and that will continue in 2015 when all 14 clubs have a key role to play in the new league structure.

“With two promotion places up for grabs and the chance to make history by becoming the first winners of the new League 1 Cup, every minute of every match will matter from the first weekend to the last.”

The League 1 Cup and Challenge Cup action take centre stage throughout March before League 1 itself kicks off over the weekend of April 3-6, when Coventry Bears will start their own exciting new era as a semi-professional club with a home fixture against Oxford.

Last year’s runners up, Oldham, who narrowly missed out on promotion after losing to an extra-time golden point against Hunslet Hawks, start their 2015 campaign with a local derby against Rochdale Hornets.

The 14 League 1 clubs will each play 22 league games: home and away fixtures against nine clubs on a geographical basis and the remaining four clubs either home or away.

The opening weekend also sees newly-relegated Keighley Cougars welcome York City Knights to Cougar Park and Barrow Raiders travel to Gateshead Thunder. London Skolars start with a home fixture against Hemel Stags and both Welsh teams have away fixtures with North Wales Crusaders visiting Swinton Lions and South Wales Scorpions making the trip to University of Gloucestershire All Golds.

The Kingstone Press League 1 clubs enter the Challenge Cup over the weekend of March 7-8, a competition that concludes with the final at Wembley Stadium on Saturday August 29.

The League 1 Cup, which features all 14 League 1 clubs plus 2014 Conference Challenge Trophy winners West Hull and another National Conference League team who are yet to be confirmed, climaxes with the final at Bloomfield Road, Blackpool on Saturday May 23 as part of the Summer Bash, a weekend where each Championship club will play a fixture at the same ground.

At the end of the regular season, the top two teams will play each other for a place in the Championship with the winners being promoted as champions.

The losing side will then enter the play-offs against teams in third, fourth and fifth places as follows – promotion play-off losers v fifth-placed team, third-placed team v fourth-placed team.

The winners of the play-offs will advance to the League 1 Play-Off Final for the second spot in the Championship for 2016 as part of the Kingstone Press Finals Day (venue tbc) which will also feature the Conference Challenge Trophy Final and Championship Shield Final.

Full details of the new league structure, including an easy-to-understand video, can be found by visiting www.extraordinaryrugby.com



Weekend of 28-March 1 – League 1 Cup Round One (including all 14 League 1 teams plus West Hull and one other National Conference League club)


Weekend of 7-8 – Challenge Cup 3rd round (League 1 clubs enter)

Weekend of 21-22 – Challenge Cup 4th round (Championship clubs enter)


Weekend of 3-6 – League 1 Round One

Weekend of 11-12 – Challenge Cup 5th round


Weekend of 16-17 – Challenge Cup 6th round

Weekend of 23-24 – League 1 Cup Final (to be held at Summer Bash, Blackpool)


Weekend of 27-28 – Challenge Cup quarter-finals


Weekend of 1-2 – Challenge Cup semi-finals

Saturday 29th – Challenge Cup final at Wembley



Weekend of 19-20 – League 1 1st v 2nd Play-Off

Weekend of 26-27 – League 1 semi-finals



Weekend of 3-4 – League 1 Play-Off Final


Round   Date      Home    Away     KO Time

1              03/04/2015         Coventry Bears Oxford 3pm      

1              03/04/2015         Gateshead Thunder       Barrow Raiders 3pm      

1              03/04/2015         Keighley Cougars             York City Knights              3pm      

1              03/04/2015         London Skolars Hemel Stags       3pm      

1              03/04/2015         Rochdale Hornets            Oldham                3pm      

1              03/04/2015         Swinton Lions    North Wales Crusaders 3pm      

1              03/04/2015         Univ Gloucs All Golds     South Wales Scorpions  3pm      


2              11/04/2015         Barrow Raiders Swinton Lions    6.30pm

2              12/04/2015         Hemel Stags       Keighley Cougars             2.30pm

2              12/04/2015         North Wales Crusaders Gateshead Thunder       2.30pm

2              12/04/2015         Oldham                Coventry Bears 3pm      

2              12/04/2015         Oxford York City Knights              3pm      

2              12/04/2015         South Wales Scorpions  London Skolars 3pm      

2              12/04/2015         Univ Gloucs All Golds     Rochdale Hornets            3pm      


3              18/04/2015         Rochdale Hornets            Barrow Raiders 5.30pm

3              19/04/2015         Coventry Bears Hemel Stags       3pm      

3              19/04/2015         Gateshead Thunder       Keighley Cougars             3pm      

3              19/04/2015         London Skolars Univ Gloucs All Golds     3pm      

3              19/04/2015         South Wales Scorpions  Oldham                3pm      

3              19/04/2015         Swinton Lions    Oxford 3pm      

3              19/04/2015         York City Knights              North Wales Crusaders 3pm      


4              25/04/2015         Barrow Raiders South Wales Scorpions  6.30pm

4              26/04/2015         Keighley Cougars             North Wales Crusaders 3pm      

4              26/04/2015         Oldham                London Skolars 3pm      

4              26/04/2015         Oxford Hemel Stags       3pm      

4              26/04/2015         Rochdale Hornets            Gateshead Thunder       3pm      

4              26/04/2015         Univ Gloucs All Golds     Swinton Lions    3pm      

4              26/04/2015         York City Knights              Coventry Bears 3pm      


5              03/05/2015         Coventry Bears Rochdale Hornets            3pm      

5              03/05/2015         Gateshead Thunder       Oxford 3pm      

5              03/05/2015         Hemel Stags       South Wales Scorpions  2.30pm

5              03/05/2015         London Skolars Keighley Cougars             3pm      

5              03/05/2015         North Wales Crusaders Barrow Raiders 2.30pm

5              03/05/2015         Oldham                Univ Gloucs All Golds     3pm      

5              03/05/2015         Swinton Lions    York City Knights              3pm      


6              09/05/2015         Barrow Raiders Oldham                6.30pm

6              09/05/2015         Rochdale Hornets            Swinton Lions    5.30pm

6              10/05/2015         Hemel Stags       Gateshead Thunder       2.30pm

6              10/05/2015         Keighley Cougars             Coventry Bears 3pm      

6              10/05/2015         Oxford London Skolars 3pm      

6              10/05/2015         South Wales Scorpions  North Wales Crusaders 3pm      

6              10/05/2015         Univ Gloucs All Golds     York City Knights              3pm      


7              16/05/2015         Rochdale Hornets            Oxford 5.30pm

7              17/05/2015         London Skolars Barrow Raiders 3pm      

7              17/05/2015         North Wales Crusaders Hemel Stags       2.30pm

7              17/05/2015         Oldham                Gateshead Thunder       3pm      

7              17/05/2015         Swinton Lions    Keighley Cougars             3pm      

7              17/05/2015         Univ Gloucs All Golds     Coventry Bears 3pm      

7              17/05/2015         York City Knights              South Wales Scorpions  3pm      


8              31/05/2015         Coventry Bears Barrow Raiders 3pm      

8              31/05/2015         Gateshead Thunder       York City Knights              3pm      

8              31/05/2015         Hemel Stags       Swinton Lions    2.30pm

8              31/05/2015         Keighley Cougars             Oldham                3pm      

8              31/05/2015         North Wales Crusaders London Skolars 2.30pm

8              31/05/2015         Oxford Univ Gloucs All Golds     3pm      

8              31/05/2015         South Wales Scorpions  Rochdale Hornets            3pm      


9              07/06/2015         Barrow Raiders Keighley Cougars             3pm      

9              07/06/2015         London Skolars Coventry Bears 3pm      

9              07/06/2015         Oldham                North Wales Crusaders 3pm      

9              07/06/2015         Oxford South Wales Scorpions  3pm      

9              07/06/2015         Swinton Lions    Gateshead Thunder       3pm      

9              07/06/2015         Univ Gloucs All Golds     Hemel Stags       3pm      

9              07/06/2015         York City Knights              Rochdale Hornets            3pm      


10           14/06/2015         Coventry Bears Swinton Lions    3pm      

10           14/06/2015         Gateshead Thunder       Univ Gloucs All Golds     3pm      

10           14/06/2015         Hemel Stags       Barrow Raiders 2.30pm

10           14/06/2015         Keighley Cougars             South Wales Scorpions  3pm      

10           14/06/2015         North Wales Crusaders Rochdale Hornets            2.30pm

10           14/06/2015         Oldham                Oxford 3pm      

10           14/06/2015         York City Knights              London Skolars 3pm      


11           20/06/2015         Barrow Raiders Univ Gloucs All Golds     6.30pm

11           21/06/2015         Hemel Stags       York City Knights              2.30pm

11           21/06/2015         Keighley Cougars             Rochdale Hornets            3pm      

11           21/06/2015         London Skolars Gateshead Thunder       3pm      

11           21/06/2015         Oxford North Wales Crusaders 3pm      

11           21/06/2015         South Wales Scorpions  Coventry Bears 3pm      

11           21/06/2015         Swinton Lions    Oldham                3pm      


12           27/06/2015         Barrow Raiders Gateshead Thunder       6.30pm

12           27/06/2015         Rochdale Hornets            Hemel Stags       5.30pm

12           28/06/2015         London Skolars South Wales Scorpions  3pm      

12           28/06/2015         North Wales Crusaders Keighley Cougars             2.30pm

12           28/06/2015         Oxford Coventry Bears 3pm      

12           28/06/2015         Univ Gloucs All Golds     Oldham                3pm      

12           28/06/2015         York City Knights              Swinton Lions    3pm      


13           05/07/2015         Coventry Bears North Wales Crusaders 3pm      

13           05/07/2015         Gateshead Thunder       Rochdale Hornets            3pm      

13           05/07/2015         Hemel Stags       London Skolars 2.30pm

13           05/07/2015         Keighley Cougars             Oxford 3pm      

13           05/07/2015         Oldham                York City Knights              3pm      

13           05/07/2015         South Wales Scorpions  Univ Gloucs All Golds     3pm      

13           05/07/2015         Swinton Lions    Barrow Raiders 3pm      


14           11/07/2015         Barrow Raiders London Skolars 6.30pm

14           12/07/2015         Coventry Bears Keighley Cougars             3pm      

14           12/07/2015         Gateshead Thunder       Hemel Stags       3pm      

14           12/07/2015         North Wales Crusaders South Wales Scorpions  2.30pm

14           12/07/2015         Oldham                Rochdale Hornets            3pm      

14           12/07/2015         Oxford Swinton Lions    3pm      

14           12/07/2015         York City Knights              Univ Gloucs All Golds     3pm      


15           18/07/2015         Barrow Raiders North Wales Crusaders 6.30pm

15           19/07/2015         Keighley Cougars             Swinton Lions    3pm      

15           19/07/2015         London Skolars Oldham                3pm      

15           19/07/2015         Rochdale Hornets            Coventry Bears 3pm      

15           19/07/2015         South Wales Scorpions  Hemel Stags       3pm      

15           19/07/2015         Univ Gloucs All Golds     Oxford 3pm      

15           19/07/2015         York City Knights              Gateshead Thunder       3pm      


16           26/07/2015         Hemel Stags       Coventry Bears 2.30pm

16           26/07/2015         Keighley Cougars             Gateshead Thunder       3pm      

16           26/07/2015         North Wales Crusaders Oldham                2.30pm

16           26/07/2015         Oxford Barrow Raiders 3pm      

16           26/07/2015         South Wales Scorpions  York City Knights              3pm      

16           26/07/2015         Swinton Lions    Rochdale Hornets            3pm      

16           26/07/2015         Univ Gloucs All Golds     London Skolars 3pm      


17           01/08/2015         Barrow Raiders Hemel Stags       6.30pm

17           02/08/2015         Coventry Bears York City Knights              3pm      

17           02/08/2015         Gateshead Thunder       Swinton Lions    3pm      

17           02/08/2015         London Skolars Oxford 3pm      

17           02/08/2015         North Wales Crusaders Univ Gloucs All Golds     2.30pm

17           02/08/2015         Oldham                Keighley Cougars             3pm      

17           02/08/2015         Rochdale Hornets            South Wales Scorpions  3pm      


18           08/08/2015         Barrow Raiders Coventry Bears 6.30pm

18           09/08/2015         Hemel Stags       Oldham                2.30pm

18           09/08/2015         Rochdale Hornets            North Wales Crusaders 3pm      

18           09/08/2015         South Wales Scorpions  Keighley Cougars             3pm      

18           09/08/2015         Swinton Lions    London Skolars 3pm      

18           09/08/2015         Univ Gloucs All Golds     Gateshead Thunder       3pm      

18           09/08/2015         York City Knights              Oxford 3pm      


19           16/08/2015         Coventry Bears South Wales Scorpions  3pm      

19           16/08/2015         Gateshead Thunder       Oldham                3pm      

19           16/08/2015         Hemel Stags       Univ Gloucs All Golds     2.30pm

19           16/08/2015         Keighley Cougars             Barrow Raiders 3pm      

19           16/08/2015         London Skolars York City Knights              3pm      

19           16/08/2015         North Wales Crusaders Swinton Lions    2.30pm

19           16/08/2015         Oxford Rochdale Hornets            3pm      


20           23/08/2015         Gateshead Thunder       Coventry Bears 3pm      

20           23/08/2015         London Skolars North Wales Crusaders 3pm      

20           23/08/2015         Oldham                Barrow Raiders 3pm      

20           23/08/2015         Rochdale Hornets            Keighley Cougars             3pm      

20           23/08/2015         South Wales Scorpions  Oxford 3pm      

20           23/08/2015         Swinton Lions    Univ Gloucs All Golds     3pm      

20           23/08/2015         York City Knights              Hemel Stags       3pm      


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